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A NEW COLOUR - without ammonia
A NEW COLOUR - without ammonia - DAVINES - Hair Color


A NEW COLOUR - without ammonia
Hair Color

A NEW COLOUR - senza ammoniaca

NEW COLOUR is an innovative system in 3 components, a permanent color with extraordinary results. Easy to use and no waste, whether it is to cover gray hair, to lighten or darken or change reflected. It contains carotenoids, melanin pigments in plant and vegetable, antioxidant and anti-radical, extracted from the palm of date. To create hair on the alkaline environment necessary for the penetration of the pigments, laboratories Davines replace the ammonia with the monoethanolamina (MEA), water soluble and biodegradable organic substance, odorless, enhanced by synergy with the metasilicate, Agent mineral quartz with very high capacity of the refraction of light.

- NEW COLOUR - without ammonia
Based on natural substances of vegetable origin (carotenoids and melanin).
Shades available in 43 different shades.
Package : 60 ml tube.

- NEW CREAM COLOUR BASE - effect condizionanate
Contains Vitamin C, metasilicates, Vaseline plant.
Container: 400 ml tube.

- NEW COLOUR Activators - with Vitamin C
Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes.
Package : bottles of 900 ml

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