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PROSHAPE ONDASOFT - IT&LY - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

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Thioglycolate-free standing

customize the look of each customer
Any woman can fulfill her desire to feel beautiful with the hairstyle that more reflects: , wavy curly or smooth.
Curly hair reaching the perfect smooth those frizzy become soft and silky curls those smooth form sinuous ringlets.
How is it possible? Thanks to the exclusive line of PROSHAPE IT & LY Hairfashion.
Fashion is in transformation , from net cuts and soft forms , defined linear or multitexture. A new dimension in look.
A new way of conceiving the technical service ... to fulfill the desire of every woman: change look with ease. Irresistible and defined curls or smooth thanks to the ultra-compact , integrated PROSHAPE consisting of:
• RELAXARE straightening thioglycolate-free ,
• ONDASOFT , permanently without thioglycolate
• Self-locking WAVESELF , permanent

Thioglycolate-free standing with bio-organic reducer , shea butter sweet almond oil and Split End Complex.
Unique ultra performant waving without thioglycolate that ensures natural ringlets and flicks , eliminates frizz and guarantees softness and silkiness to the lengths. Ideal for naturally straight hair and chemically straightened , offers the opportunity to redesign new long-term look with simple touches. Shea butter and sweet almond oil from emollient and protective , donate to natural curls look choppy. The Split End Complex seal split ends by creating a protective film around the hair shaft , improving the smoothness and combing. ONDASOFT is formulated with a special , organic bioriduttore and cysteamine Chlorinate , which makes it
particularly suitable for hair that have already undergone a technical service. Your hair take shape while maintaining the softness is the natural elasticity and silkiness.

Kit is available in two strengths:
• ONDASOFT 1 for natural hair and difficult
• ONDASOFT 2 for processed hair and treated.

kit containing:
ONDASOFT 1-or 2 in 100 ml bottle;
NEUTRASOFT-120 ml bottle in.

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