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ECOPERM - waving lotion
ECOPERM - waving lotion - LIRIAS - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

ECOPERM - waving lotion

ECOPERM - liquido ondulante

Liquid undulating devoid of thioglycolic acid and ammonia or derivatives thereof. It performs an extremely gentle on the hair fibers. The first system undulating with fixing delicate and fragrant. Available in two versions, normal hair (1) and treated hair (2).
method of use : to make a light shampoo without rubbing the scalp. After application of curlers saturate carefully avoiding contact of the liquid on the skin. Cover with a thermal cap. The shutter speed is indicative of 20-30 minutes, you should control tests every 10 minutes.
box: 250 ml bottles.

Fixer neutralizer for professional use.
box: 1000 ml bottle


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