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ITELY Delyton ADVANCED - IT&LY - Hair Tone on Tone


Phyto Conditioning Complex with tone on tone - without ammonia

Itely hairfashion presents a product that respects the hair, the skin and especially the environment. Delyton ADVANCED l innovative color - treatment tonal ammonia based Phyto Conditioning Complex for coloring all types of hair gently, in a range of reflections and bright and filled with endless color combinations to get color multifaceted and extremely bright. Hair always protected and amazing colors, Delyton ADVANCED also indicated on just permed hair.
Delyton ADVANCED is a sweet color ideal for :
• wants to achieve a pi natural and unobtrusive ;
• want to mask the early white hair ;
• wants to revive the color ;
• has a particularly sensitive skin ;
• has bleached hair or brittle :
• wants to change often safely ;
• does not want to see the regrowth ;
• approaches the color for the first time ;
• ideal for the male market.
The Phyto Conditioning Complex an exclusive biolipidico completely plant that penetrates all inside of the hair fiber creating with keratin, a molecular structure resistant, which improves the s and hydration elasticity of the hair. The natural active ingredients contained ensuring protection of the scalp and offer a exceptional softness to the hair. Silk Proteins, present in high percentage, penetrate into the hair gently blowing and giving an enviable smoothness, the beef from internal, keeping it healthy, Soft, hydrated and shiny.
The exclusive Pigments Dyes used bind to the hair fibers ensuring a perfect color balance for all the reflections desired, the color will ensue pi intense and brilliant with excellent coverage of the first white hair.

Shades available in 47 shades.

way d use was diluted 1: 2 with Delyton ADVANCED ACTIVATOR you get a soft cream, easy to apply, which ensures a ; deep action but at the same time delicate.

Package : 60 ml tube.

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